August 3, 2021  by  Register.SU Support
Welcome to our new billing and support portal - MANAGE.SU! From within, you can easily view, pay and download your invoices, request assistance with any problems you may encounter with .SU domains, maintain your billing information, renew domain names and much more!

If you have presales questions about .SU domain name registrations, transfers or renewals, please search our knowledge base first then email to:

For support with existing domain name, please contact technical support at Manage.SU: or submit support ticket here:

To report Abuse and Domain Violations, please contact Abuse Dept: operates under Joint Stock Company «RU-CENTER» (Moscow, Russia) Partner Agreement. We register and renew domain names in .su zone for flat fee: $29.95 per year. We've been in business for 16 years and operate from New York, USA.

At this time we ( accept PayPal payments from verified PayPal members via this portal:

Renewal price is the same: $29.95 per domain name per year.

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